About us

With over 15 years of experience in creating everything from large, national and international events to fairs, launches and galas. We create and implement the event you need to achieve your goals. We help you with project management, concept, production and communication before, during and after the event. In Spain or wherever You want to choose.

Content & Communication

Every event is an investment with well-thought-out content, creativity, commitment and enthusiasm. What pervades our idea is that we care about the small details that affect the overall impression. Everything from decor, sound & lightning, production, content, entertainment and- catering. We simply create customized platform for your specific needs.

Brand Experience

Today it has become increasingly important to demonstrate the effect of an investment in personnel and- the brand. That’s why we package a comprehensive solution where Swespania Events helps to come up with the concept, theme, values, the “red-thread” and evaluates together with the customer how it turns out with the KPI:s determined beforehand.

For us, its just exciting to create dramaturgy, storytelling and concepts as it is to transform strategies into experiences – all to strengthen your brand.

How do you want to work, what do you want to tell?

Employer Branding

Caring for your personnel has become increasingly important in our fast-moving world, to motivate, build loyalty and reward your employees. Here we help with creative proposals and plans to strengthen the community, the company culture and loyalty. We organize everything from anniversaries, sales awards, kick-offs, conferences, Christmas parties and- unbeatable guided tours in Andalucia.

Ask us and we´ll tell you more!


Together we have over 15 years of experience where we create events that inspire, engage, touch and- entertain. With event strategy, planning and implementation we will make your brand and your products shine in experiences worth remembering.


Conferences, networking activities, seminars and workshops can all be summed up as B2B events. Over the years, Swespania Events has accumulated considerable experience in building relationships with such specific industry events. We plan, design content, create and execute experiences that maximize the impact of this important marketing channel for your brand, product or service.


Swespania Events has full capacity to organize entire trade fairs and exhibitions with other participants. We plan, find the right location, designing the experience and manage all logistics needed. For those of you who want to be part of at an existing exhibition – we produce and make all the installments in accordance to your specific needs.

Installations & Showrooms

Regarding specific activities for your brand, Swespania Events, creates unique installations and showrooms. Sometimes the purpose is to interact with the brand, sometimes products must be shown to a target group in an inspiring and clear way. We plan, execute, contextualize, build and implement the activity in consultation with you in order to reach your goals…which we are more than happy to exceed.

*We also work with graphic material, film & photo, social media and viral impact where we document and compile everything after the event. We are also helpful with press, PR and other marketing activities for your specific event.